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Love knows no borders, and neither does Mohabbatein! Find your happily ever after with our expansive network of profiles from India and across the globe. Imagine exploring a realm of compatible partners, each one a serendipitous encounter poised to evolve into a lifelong love story. Let Mohabbatein, one of the best Indian matrimonial sites be your guide on this exciting adventure –  your perfect match awaits!

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Rajani Shree

Kerala Graphic Designers christian 5ft 3in

 I am Rajani, a dedicated designer who is a very passionate person. Alongside my professional pursuits, my family and friends hold great significance in my life; spending quality time with loved ones is something I truly cherish. In search of a life partner, I envision someone who embodies understanding and supportiveness and shares my zest for living life to its fullest potential.


Yashodhra Singh

Kerala Data Analyst Hindu 5ft 7in

 I am seeking someone who not only understands the demands of our respective careers but also supports each other's personal growth endeavors wholeheartedly. It would be wonderful to share in this journey together - building a future brimming with affectionate companionship as well as mutual aspirations.


Kusha Talwant

Mumbai Marketing Lead Hindu 5ft 9in

Hello, I'm Kusha, a warm and thoughtful individual who highly values kindness and integrity. My career brings me fulfillment, but I also cherish quality time spent with my loved ones. Currently, I am in search of a life partner - a well-mannered and respectful young man who shares my core values and dreams for the future. Together, our hope is to create an affectionate and harmonious life filled with mutual respect that leads us toward lasting happiness.



Abhinav Chabbara

Tamil Nadu Software engineer Christian 5ft 3in

I am a kind-hearted and ambitious person. I value family traditions and cherish quality time spent with loved ones. During my free moments, I enjoy exploring diverse cuisines, staying active through various sports activities, and embarking on exciting travel adventures. I am looking for a suitable and like-minded partner.


Teerthankar Kumar

Karnataka Head Manager - Marketing Hindu 5ft 2in

 I am a 31-year-old professional with a stable career and an enthusiasm for life. Grounded and family-oriented, I prioritize honesty, kindness, and mutual respect in all relationships. During my leisure time, I enjoy engaging in outdoor activities and immersing myself in books of various genres. My ultimate desire is to connect with a good-hearted woman who values similar principles and is ready to embark upon an affectionate partnership filled with support.


Kunal Shah

Gujrat An Art Director  Hindu 5ft 6in

Hi, My name is Kunal. I prioritize my career but also place equal importance on family and meaningful relationships. Currently, I am searching for a girl who is well-educated and kind-hearted. It would be ideal if she shared an appreciation for the arts and understood my vision of creating a balanced yet fulfilling life together. In this journey called life, our future partnership should be built upon mutual respect, love, and shared dreams

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Why Mohabbatein Matrimony is Your Best Choice for Finding Love

At Mohabbatein Matrimony, we redefine the matchmaking experience with our personalized approach. We take the time to understand your preferences, values, and aspirations, ensuring that every match is tailored to your unique needs.

As pioneers of matchmaking for Indians worldwide, we deeply understand cultural nuances and traditions, enabling us to connect you with like-minded individuals who share your background and values. With us, you can trust that your journey to finding love is in experienced hands.


Love is Specific, Find It Here: Advanced Matching with Mohabbatein

Forget fairytales – your perfect match is out there, waiting to be discovered. As an online matrimonial platform in India, our advanced search goes beyond age and location. Find your partner with personality filters, lifestyle preferences, and even interests –  we’ve got filters finer than a Mehndi design. Get your perfect cup of chai or coffee!, because with Mohabbatein, compatibility is just a click away.

Filter Your Way to Love: Find Your Match by Interests, Location, and More!



Discover a partner who shares your beliefs and values. Filter profiles by religion to find someone who understands and respects your cultural background.



Find a match who aligns with your professional ambitions and lifestyle. Filter by occupation to connect with someone who shares your career drive.



 Whether you're seeking someone local or open to a long-distance relationship, filter by location to find matches in your preferred area.



Connect with someone who speaks your language—literally! Filter by language to find a partner with whom you can communicate effortlessly.



Find a partner who values their career as much as you do. Filter by career to connect with someone who shares your work ethic and ambitions.



Discover someone who enjoys the same hobbies and activities as you. Filter by hobbies to find a partner who shares your passions.



Connect with someone who is part of your community or cultural background. Filter by community to find a partner who understands your traditions and values.



Whether you prefer someone taller or shorter, filter by height to find a partner who matches your physical preferences.



Find someone who shares your interests and values. Filter by interests to connect with a partner who enjoys the same things you do.



Connect with someone who values education and personal growth. Filter by education to find a partner who shares your intellectual curiosity.

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Embark today on what promises to be a spellbinding journey of love and commitment with the Mohabbatein Nair community platform. This journey, though filled with exhilarating surprises, doesn’t have to be navigated alone. We, the team behind Mohabbatein, are ready to join you at every twist and turn.

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Find a partner who shares your faith, values, and cultural background.

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A secure and confidential environment, allowing you to explore profiles, connect, and communicate safely.

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We combine the deep-rooted traditions of Kerala Christian Matrimony with the convenience of modern technology.


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Mohabbatein offers a range of features to enhance your matchmaking experience, including advanced search options, detailed profiles, instant messaging, and astrological matchmaking. These features are designed to help you find compatible matches and build meaningful connections.

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