Let’s face it: when looking for an ideal partner for life, the one question that pops into our mind is, “What exactly to look for?”. Although it sounds simple, finding the right answer to this question takes a much deeper thought process.

But here’s the thing: whether you are trying out friend circles or a reliable matrimony website, no set of rules or standards can help you find the “ideal partner”. However, certain qualities can make a relationship more fulfilling, happy, and healthy.

This article will provide a simple guide on how to choose a life partner and 10 qualities you should look for


Respect is one of the most important qualities you should look for in a compatible life partner. Marriage is more than just warm hugs and romantic moments. The foundation of a happy and long-lasting marriage is rooted in respect. This includes respect for all your boundaries, whether they are emotional, sexual, or physical.

You will be able to understand a person’s perspectives and beliefs about respect in how they communicate and, most importantly, during sensitive and complicated discussions. 


When you decide how to choose an ideal partner, the concept of commitment should never be overlooked. This goes both ways. A life partner who is not loyal or invested in a relationship can leave you feeling insecure and questioning your worth.

Commitment is also important to ward off issues like jealousy, suspicion, ego, and other forms of heartbreak. This is why it is important to take time to understand a person and their values before giving a green signal to progress any relationship to marriage. 

Effective & Open Communication 

Studies report that communication between couples predicts marital satisfaction. The more couples talk openly to each other, the happier they are. Transparent communication can also go a long way in preventing tiny differences and misunderstandings from spiralling into arguments. 

Remember that when you decide how to choose an ideal partner, you are essentially picking a person you will share the rest of your life with. So, take the time to understand their communication values. 

If you are using traditional set-ups like a reliable matrimony website, make sure to use their exclusive features like chatting and video calling to thoroughly understand a person’s communication values, then decide if you want to take it up to a meeting further.


Not many of us think of the concept of friendship when we find answers to the question, “How to choose a life partner?”. The truth is that having a sense of friendship solidifies a marriage and creates a much more long-lasting, close-knit bond. A study  found that “life satisfaction” was “twice as large for those whose spouse is also their best friend. 

This is why it is important to find friendship with any potential person you hope to marry. Especially in marriage matrimony sites designed for finding marriage prospects, it is recommended to find a base for friendship; that way, it is easier to have open communications, thereby finding compatibility. 

Prioritize Personal Growth

When contemplating how to choose an ideal partner, always look for a person who understands you have goals outside marriage. This can be your personal academic, career, or any other goals that you want to achieve in life. It also goes both ways, meaning you should look for a soulmate who is willing to grow and upgrade in life with a clear vision. 

One of the best ways to do this is by clearly stating your goals in the “About Me” section of your profile which future prospects can see on a matrimony website or similar platforms. Mohabbatein is one of the very few matrimony websites in Dubai that has a dedicated section and features to showcase your unique characteristics and goals, which makes it easier for users to narrow their interests easily. 


In simple terms, empathy is the ability to comprehend and convey the feelings of another person. It is one of the essential qualities that forms a good relationship,  as it helps create emotional connection, promotes understanding, and provides support during challenging times. 

This is something that can only be understood by in-depth conversations, and this is why when you sign up on marriage matrimony sites, you’re encouraged to use features like chatting and video-call when comfortable and only then take it a step ahead to meetups to find common grounds, compatibility, and chemistry, before making a final call.


Forgiveness is the one secret ingredient that makes marriage long-lasting. When you decide how to choose a life partner, look into their ability to forgive and forget things. This is because forgiving is one of the strongest yet most difficult things one can ever do, especially to a person you see as a soulmate. 

Remember that some can reflect characteristics of forgiveness only to pocket the wrongdoing and remind them later. This is not true forgiveness. As with many bonds, the true ability to understand these qualities comes with time and as your bond or relationship grows.

Mutual Trust 

Couples who trust each other tend to develop fewer problems in their marital life. Trust is built in a relationship when there is open communication, they admit when they are wrong, have emotional intimacy, and are true to their word. However, this quality is something that is earned, which requires you to equally extend trust to your partner. 

With that being said, if you are using any matrimony website or app, it is important to trust and begin sharing personal details only if you are confident and comfortable with the person you are talking to. As a general rule, it is best for users to utilise features like chatting and video calls to get to know a person thoroughly. Only if you feel there is potential to find a perfect match is it advised that you plan meetups. 


This is another characteristic that you should consider when choosing a soulmate, which aligns with trust. However, regardless of whether you are using a matrimony website or even meeting to get to know someone, it is difficult to understand if a partner is loyal to you initially. This is because many of us tend to put our best foot forward at the start of a relationship. 

Take time, watch for clues, and always listen to your gut. The less honesty you develop in your bond, the weaker it will get. 

Someone Who Isn’t Afraid To Face The Tough Side Of Life

Life is not always a bed of roses. As a couple, you will have to face both ups and downs, and the last thing you want is someone who will leave you at your lowest. 

When understanding how to choose a life partner, always prioritize a soulmate who you can assure is not afraid to face the tough side of life. Having this reliability can help you navigate this difficult journey of life a little more smoothly. 

Lastly, look for a soulmate who is compatible with your values in life. While chemistry, attraction, and love are important for marriage, compatibility is an instrumental factor that sustains a happy marriage over time.