Are you getting ready to pop the question this year? Let’s face it: planning the perfect proposal can be challenging, just like finding the right one. With tens of thousands of proposal ideas floating around the internet, settling on one that your partner will love can be a lot of work.

To make things easy for you, we have compiled Mohabbatein‘s best 30 picks on engagement proposal ideas for 2024.

1. Recreate Your First Date & Make It Magical

If you are looking for a sentimental or nostalgic way to propose to a girl for marriage, consider going back to the flashback of your first date or how you met. This can make a nostalgic engagement proposal idea that is meaningful to you both. Whether it is a restaurant, movie theatre, or concert venue, planning ahead can help set the mood for the life-changing question you’re about to ask.

2. Set Up a Private Picnic

When planned right, a picnic can make one of the most romantic proposals. Spice up the mood by adding candles, some chocolate-covered strawberries, and a memory board of your favourite moments together. If you and your partner are family-oriented, a picnic provides a great opportunity to include them and close friends.

3. Plan It Around a Favourite Holiday

Does your partner take holidays a little too seriously? Why not make your partner’s favourite holiday better than they ever thought it could be? Incorporating a marriage proposal speech, flowers, and music can level up the atmosphere for your special question.

4. At The Beach With A Sunset Backdrop

Going on your knees with a sunsetting backdrop is a traditional engagement proposal idea that never goes out of style. It serves a classic and warming atmosphere that reminds you of the beauty of the world and nature around them, which unites you both.

5. Hot Air Balloons On Cloud Nine Together

If you want to know how to propose to a girl for marriage in the most adventurous way, then this is what you need—a hot air balloon date. It is the perfect engagement proposal idea for anyone who is not scared of heights. With the right balance of romance, adventure, and stunning scenery, you are certain to steal your significant other’s breath away!

6. A Proposal Wrapped In A Song

If you are a singer or share some passion for music with your partner, then playing a special song written by you for your better half is one of the most romantic proposal ideas to try. You can do this either before or after the proposal. You can even compose the proposal into a song if you really want to surprise them with something unforgettable.

7. A Love Voyage On The Boat

Sailing is the best way to propose to a girl for marriage in summer. It is adventurous and creative and meets the highest standards for aesthetic engagement proposal ideas. Pack a picnic, some good music, and a marriage proposal speech to gear up the vibes.

8. Embrace the Rain

Let’s face it: sometimes, no matter what we plan, things don’t go as we want them to. So, if the weather doesn’t cooperate on the day you plan to propose, why not embrace it? Rain is closely connected with emotional depth, which can perfectly go hand-in-hand when you ask the most important question of your life.

9. Rent a Float Plane

Are you looking for the most creative engagement proposal idea? Then, involving a float plane is one of the best options that can never go wrong. Sure, it might sound a little complicated, but it goes a long way in making your proposal stand out and is definitely worth it for the memory.

10. Make an Ultimate Flower Delivery

If your partner loves flowers and sees gifting as the ultimate love language, this is one of the most romantic proposal ideas for you. Break your marriage proposal speech into bits and send flower deliveries to your partner. Of course, you’ll want to deliver the last one that says, “Will you marry me?”.

11. Create A Rooftop Proposal

Simple, elegant, and minimal are the three words that describe a rooftop engagement proposal idea – of course, if you have a rooftop with a killer view. Consider dressing up, getting a bouquet, playing some music, and preparing for a marriage proposal speech. Take your partner to watch the sunset, and then time the proposal with the help of friends or family.

12. Nestled Around A Treehouse

If you are going on a vacation that has access to a treehouse, then it makes for a unique engagement proposal idea that you can make use of. Consider incorporating a romantic video montage, string lights, and any other special touches that you think can set the mood for your proposal.

13. Join Your Pets

For couples who have a very close bond with their pets, involving them creates the perfect "Aww" moment you are looking for. Get a customised dog tag with the special question engraved, or just let your pet be the ring carrier.

14. Ask Under A Sky Of Stars

Pick a good stargazing spot, pack some of your partner’s favourite food and snacks, and soak in the good times as you two look up at the stars. Take your time to talk about your life, plans for the future, and all the good times you’ll share, and when the moment feels right, ask the very special question. If planned right, this is one of the most romantic proposals that feels straight out of a movie.

15. Design a Jigsaw Puzzle That Asks The Question

Are you thinking about how to propose to a girl for marriage in a way that she can involve herself in? Then, designing your own jigsaw puzzle is the best engagement proposal idea. Your puzzle can include a favourite picture of you two or even a collage of the best moments, and then add the words "Will You Marry Me?" You can either let your partner fix it or do it together.

16. Ask From a Fortune Cookie

Get a personalised fortune cookie that can help you make your proposal a little more exciting. Try to get a note alongside your proposal request. This engagement proposal idea is one of the most private ways to pop the question that’s still unique and fun.

To get the fortune cookie proposal underway, plan a date night out at a time that is convenient for both of you. However, for this to work, you need to convince your partner to go for Chinese food.

When you get your fortune cookies at the end of the meal with your dessert, swap the cookie with your custom-made one when your partner is not looking. Once you’ve enjoyed your dinner, tell your partner to open the cookie, and then you can go down on your knees with the ring and perhaps a flattering marriage proposal speech.

17. Spell It Out in the Sand

If you are looking for a romantic proposal that is simple and budget-friendly, then writing your question out in the sand on a beach is definitely the best option. You can plan it out perfectly on a vacation or a holiday stay at a beachside hotel.

Get a little creative with the writing, and include things like flowers, seashells or any other beachside items that can increase the aesthetics. Once you have the set-up ready, ask your partner if you can go on a walk on the beach. Then, walk up until you reach the location of your sandy request.

18. Hire a Skywriter To Pop The Question In The Sky

If you don’t mind the slight cost this engagement proposal idea demands, then this is one of the best ways to ask your partner in hand for marriage. To make this proposal work, you will have to pick the perfect location that will properly take in the sights of the writing in the sky.

This proposal will not only "wow" your partner but anybody else who watches it. To level up the celebratory atmosphere, you can invite some of your friends and family members and give a heartwarming marriage proposal speech.

19. Bouquet of 100 Roses To Say I Love You

Are you thinking about how to propose to a girl for marriage by showing her all the reasons why you want her forever? Grab a bouquet of 100 roses, each mentioning a reason why you love her and would love to spend the rest of your life with her.

You can simply break your marriage proposal speech into 100 points, send it as a flower delivery, and then knock on her door with your ring. This engagement proposal idea is ideal for any partner who is a very private person.

20. Seal The Moment With A Heart-Touching Poem

If your partner is into poems, books, and all sorts of old-school love, then writing a poem is the best engagement proposal idea.

Poetry hits your heart at the right spots, so make sure you write one that sweeps her away by ending with a special life-changing question. It is a very thoughtful, creative, and artistic way to ask out your partner.

21. Create a Scavenger Hunt That Leads To The Proposal

This is another playful yet romantic proposal idea that will stand out. If you prefer, you can get your friends and family involved.

To implement this plan:

  1. Hide romantic clues throughout the house for your partner to find.

  2. Make sure one clue leads up to another.

  3. Include pictures of you and other unforgettable memories that are meaningful to you. The last clue in the scavenger hunt should lead to the ring box, where you’ll be waiting down on one knee.

22. An Underwater Proposal

While you may not be able to give a marriage proposal speech underwater, this is one of the best engagement proposal ideas that is sure to leave your partner speechless. Make sure to pick a nice, warm, and tropical location for this proposal, and you can plan to do this during a snorkeling or scuba diving trip.

This plan might involve some preparations with a dive team to ensure your proposal is done in the safest way possible. If you stay at a resort offering free scuba diving, they might also be able to offer their ideas on how to implement this plan in the best way possible.

23. A Cosy Brunch Date At Home

Are you thinking about how to propose to a girl for marriage in the most cosy and private way possible? Then, a brunch at home is the best option for an intimate engagement proposal.

All you have to do is cook a delicious meal at home for both of you and when the right moment comes, ask your question. Feel free to get creative here. Maybe write her a card? Or write the question with some whipped cream on pancakes?

24. Pledge Your Love By Hiking To The Edge Of A Waterfall

An engagement proposal idea with a waterfall backdrop. Is there anything more to be said? All you have to do is just make sure to pick the right spot.

Some waterfalls are more private than others. Be ready with a marriage proposal speech, hire a professional photographer, and hike all the way up until you find the perfect scenery to pop the question.

25. Set Up Your Engagement Ring As A Christmas Present

If you are considering how to propose to a girl for marriage during the holiday season, it’s best to incorporate it into your annual gift-giving. Wrap the engagement ring nicely with your other presents, and place it underneath the Christmas tree. Putting the ring box in a larger box can ward off doubts before your partner opens it.

Unwrap the gifts together and select you at the end. Then, get down on one knee as your special gift is being opened. Including friends and family can complement your engagement proposal idea and the Christmas spirit.

26. A Romantic Airplane Announcement

If you are planning a getaway anytime soon, take this opportunity to create a romantic proposal. When you both are on the plane, use the loudspeaker system to ask your question.

Of course, you will need to coordinate with the flight attendants first before deciding if it is the best option.

27. Fairytale Disney Proposal

If your partner is a Disney fan, then there is no better idea for an engagement proposal than to ask her hand in marriage at their favourite park or during a character meet-and-greet.

Consider including a heart-warming marriage proposal speech to make the occasion even more special.

28. Begin Your Forever At A Snowy Mountain Peak

If you both are into adventures in the winter, then take a flight or hike to a snowy mountain peak. Wait until you find the perfect private spot, and pop your question.

Doing this with a group of friends can make it extra special, as you have people around to capture these priceless moments.

29. Under The Northern Lights With Your Soulmate

Plan to see the Northern lights and stay in a unique cabin or private igloo. Get creative with how you’ll propose. You can add some music, good food, and a handwritten letter for personal touches. This makes for the best intimate engagement proposal idea.

30. A Surprise Party Transformed To A Romantic Proposal

Take things a little classical or old-school by organising a surprise party for your partner. You can tell one of your friends is celebrating a different occasion to keep off doubts.

Include friends and family, and organise a playlist of your favourite songs to create a joyful atmosphere. As the party goes on, and everyone gathers for a toast, you can get on with your marriage proposal speech and then get on your knees to propose.

Which Marriage Proposal Ideas Best Suit Your Style?

Understanding the ideal engagement proposal idea comes down to what personally connects with your partner’s interests and passions.

After all, you know your partner better, so make sure that what you pick crafts an experience that resonates deeply with your emotions and your partner’s.